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Kyoto University of Advanced Science launches brand-new English-language website

Press release   •   Aug 07, 2019 21:33 -12

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) has officially launched a brand-new English website to meet the opening date for applications to the graduate school of the Faculty of Engineering starting in September 2020. From general information about KUAS, introducing our brand-new Faculty of Engineering, to showcasing the lifestyle of a foreign student in Kyoto, our new website is designed to be a comprehensive source of information for potential applicants. Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our distinguished, diverse faculty members, as well as the incredible research they are pursuing at KUAS.

Feel free to browse the new website at:

The Kyoto University of Advanced Science’s (KUAS) all-new, innovative English-taught engineering department is currently in the planning phase for its launch in 2020. The school itself has a 50-year history since its establishment, and is an accredited private institution located in the heart of Japan. By inviting the top-notch CEO of a Kyoto-based globally successful firm as chairman, the university aims to offer its academic resources in the international arena, with the exciting new engineering department being one example of these efforts.