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A Team led by Sajid Nisar Wins Hyundai’s ‘Best Student Innovation Challenge Award’ at the 2019 IEEE World Haptics Conference

Press release   •   Aug 04, 2019 19:37 -12

Team members receiving award from Hyundai Motor Company’s Global Master (R&D) at IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019, Tokyo

A team headed by Jr. Associate Professor Sajid Nisar, now a faculty member at the Kyoto University of Advanced Science, took part in the Student Innovation Challenge (Mobility) at the 2019 IEEE International World Haptics Conference from 9–12 July, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan. The challenge was sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. The aim of this international competition was to develop innovative haptic (related to the sense of touch) solutions for automobiles and mobility-related applications.

At the first stage of the competition, seven teams were selected from more than a dozen proposals submitted from around the world. Each selected team was given a research grant of $1,500 USD from the Hyundai Motor Company to fund prototype development. In the second and final stages the developed prototypes were showcased and evaluated at the conference.

Prof. Nisar's team developed a haptic-enabled multisensory ‘driving assistant’ system that helps drivers to drive more safely and efficiently. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and intuitive haptic cues to let a driver know when to stop their vehicle, start moving it, or make a turn. The system has been shown to assist drivers in various common driving situations and to improve their overall driving performance. After rigorous evaluation by the competition jury, the ‘driving assistant’ developed by Prof. Nisar’s team was selected for the ‘Best Student Innovation Challenge Award’ with a cash prize worth US $1,000.

On this occasion Prof. Nisar expressed his appreciation of the dedication of the team members. He hopes that the proposed technology will be helpful in reducing road accidents by increasing drivers’ situational awareness. He looks forward to transforming this technology into a product that can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

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