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[News] The Engineering Department of the Kyoto University of Advanced Science launches newsroom!

News   •   Aug 06, 2018 14:17 -12

In 2020, the Kyoto University of Advanced Science will launch its all-new, English-language taught Engineering Department out of its Uzumasa Campus in Western Kyoto. Featuring a unique educational style that includes gaining real-world experience at top Kyoto companies, we hope to equip our students with the skills to be able to immediately contribute to the world of engineering upon graduation. In preparation for the launch of our department, we have launched a new website as well as a newsroom to update prospectivelstudents and other related parties with the latest news.

Japan is ubiquitous with technology. We want to invite students from all over the world here and bring up the engineers that will design the future. That’s why we have created what we believeto be one of the most unique Engineering Departments in the world. While offering a great opportunity to study in English, we simultaneously strive for making the best use of our unique environment in the manufacturing haven of Kyoto, which is why the program prominently features a work placement. The university itself is being led by the CEO of motor manufacturer Nidec, which ranks 90th in Forbes’ Top Regarded Companies list.

To show what we are trying to create with our new Engineering Department, we have recently launched a brand-new website. Furthermore, to continuously provide updates as we are preparing for the first wave of students, as well as to showcase the uniqueness and personality of our university, we have also set up a newsroom. Feel free to check out both and give us a follow!